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BIGGEST 4000KG Street Food In The WORLD - Extreme HORSE Plov HOT POT + Street Food In Uzbekistan!!

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Today, we're taking you for an INSANE Street Food TOUR of Tashkent, Uzbekistan!! 3 Street Foods in Uzbekistan you're going to love! Especially the BIGGEST PLOV (pulao, pilaf) rice dish in the world, made with horse meat, lamb meat, beef, onions, yellow carrots, and local spices! Watch until the end to discover along tons of the best street food in the world here in Uzbekistan!!!

We're also taking you to a local village food area to taste AUTHENTIC and EXTREMELY delicious local Uzbekistan food! Get ready for the BIGGEST SAMSA baked buns in to world too! This street food tour of Tashkent, Uzbekistan was insanely delicious!

My favourite was the EXTREME horse hot pot at the PLOV CENTER!

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